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Sólheimar Church

A dynamic and diverse work takes place in Sólheimar Church.

Ceremonies are held in the church every other Sunday throughout the year.

A church school is in Sólheimar Church.

Concerts are regularly held in the church.

The pastor is Rev. Birgir Thomsen.

Welcome to Solheimar - we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Solheimar is a world renowned sustainable community known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere where about 100 people live and work together. It was founded in 1930 by Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir (1902-1974). It is a small village set out in the countryside, characterized by vegetation, open common spaces and buildings that nicely co-exist with the landscape. Solheimar is blessed with enough space for residential and common housing and there are ideal conditions for outdoor activities in the village, which play a big part in the residents' health and well- being. The Solheimar community focuses on the growth and development of man and nature. The social emphasis is that different individuals are offered variable opportunities to work, live, and socialize.

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Sesselja house

Solheima church


Grćna kannan café

Vala, shop og arthouse





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Hitastig: 1°C

Vindátt: V

Vindhrađi: 9.8 m/s


Sólheimar sjálfbćrt samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 480 4400 | solheimar@solheimar.is